XML Love

I have, as of late, developed an affinity for XML.. but that’s sort of a lie.. my affinity for old clickity clackity 80286 IBM keyboards.. and black screen, green letter consoles complete with flashing cursor goes way back. And to take the fetish further.. I’ll throw in my 1969 Ford Thunderbird.. and my manual typewriter.. and the nostalgia I feel for dos batch files.. and dos 6.12 in particular..  and dbase 4.. and the Reveal Codes screen in Wordperfect 5.1. add to that my affinity for the modular architecture 1970s Northern California.. and burnt umber and brown color combinations.  XML somehow/someway fits in with all of that. Like all of those things it is sleek, aesthetically and optimally functional, yet minimalist, stylish, distinct and timeless. I think this qualifies as a tech fetish!  can a technology be beautiful?


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