sometimes you just need to see “Rudy” again..

Coming to grips with yourself.. facing your challenges.. putting your best foot forward.. continuing optimism in the face of the applause-less nature of life… but applauding for yourself.. keeping yourself going in spite of it all..

Sometimes you just need to see Rudy again.. and see him try and fail.. and fail.. and succeed… and even though you know what’s going to happen.. and how it’s going to happen.. seeing it happen still fills you with something.. and it’s not so important that we have words to describe that something, as much as it is that we recognize that something as useful.. as fundamental. It’s also important that we see how it replenishes our stores of that something.

sometimes you just need to see Rudy.. to see him come from nothing.. into something.. all by his own doing.. by his own humility and hard work. Is there a more quintessentially American story than that? Despite all of the contradictions and power-struggles of history, the fundamental theme of the American promise is still one of transformation..  of movement.. from this to that with Texas Hold’em type swings around every other bend waiting to make or break or you.

sometimes we just need to see Rudy fly above, around and in-between class, race & predicament to that transcendent universal plane where we can all gather around him and celebrate and share in his triumph.


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